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#MisfitTV Ep.6 Pt.1: My dream

Sometimes i often wonder what the game would be like if Biggie and Pac would never have died. What would the influence be like? Who would be on top? Would our favorite artist now still be our favorite artist?

In my dream I sat with Biggie like he was a average dude. But it was strange because he didnt know ANYTHING about little advantages we had like Touchscreen technology, current events like the Travon Martin case, or even tv shows like The Boondocks. He even talked about how gay some of these rappers look now. He asked me what happened while he was gone? He wanted to know why things got so bad after he died. I couldn’t give him a straight answer.


Dr. Maya Angelou was an inspiration to young minds across the world. she stressed education, afrocentricity, and the essence of womanhood. Her works will forever be celebrated. Rest in peace to this great woman; there will never be another like her.

This is how I’m starting off my #MemorialDay . Make sure you keep a look out for Episode 4 of #MisfitTV on my instagram page. Follow Me. #StayDope

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#MisfitTV Ep.2 (Bonus Scene) : Solange Was Like…

It was funny to me…

#MisfitTV Ep.2 Pt .1: I made a beat.

Its been a while since I did something on the production side. This is just a teaser…I’m not done yet.

#MisfitTV Ep.1 Pt.3: May 5th

Happy Cinco De Mayo!!

MisfitTV Ep. 1 Pt.1: Good Morning

Come to the Bluff Room in the UC @ the #UniversityOfMemphis at 1pm. I will be performing at a forum where we will be discussing issues between the Hip Hop community and their lyrics and police brutality and why these things are still happening. This event is Sponsored by the #ACLO , #NAACP , and #MemphisPSA . I HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE.